Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the portion of IFEU members out of total aquatic exportation?

According to the latest information and figures published by Iran customs 83% of exported shrimp (From value and value point of view) is being exported by the members of IFEU. Regarding marine products, 50% of exported volume, 48% of exported value and totally 49% of both exported volume & value is belonging to IFEU members.

Q: What is the list of authorized companies for exporting the aquatic products to Russia?

This list consists of 19 Iranian companies that are approved by Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance. For more information, please click on this link.

Q: What are the main target countries for these exporting products?

The Persian Gulf countries like UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, countries from East and South East Asia like Vietnam, China, South Korea, Thailand and European countries like Russia, Italy, Spain, France, Luxemburg and Germany. The Iranian shrimp has been recently exported to USA and Mexico. It is necessary to mention that Iranian Aquatic Products are being exported to more than 60 countries from 5 continents.

For more information please refer to Iran Aquatic Info & Statistics Tab.

Q: What kinds of products are being exported from Iran?

The most important exporting products are as below:

The most significant exporting products from value, volume and Marketability are as below:Inedible fishes, Farmed Shrimp, Farmed Caviar and Warm Waters Fishes.

Q: What are the terms and conditions to become a member of IFEU?

All companies that are involved in the field of Aquatics production and processing could formally become a member of IFEU.  Considering the services which are offered by IFEU to other companies such as Aquaculture farming, Importing, Processing, Distribution, Canning and Food companies, the mentioned companies could become an informal member of IFEU.

Q: Which governmental organization is supervising the activities of Iran Fisheries Exporters Union (IFEU)?

IFEU has been registered in Iran Chamber of Commerce, Agriculture, Industries and Mine according to the constitution of commercial unions of Chamber of Commerce. Based on this, all IFEU’s activities are under supervision of Iran Chamber of Commerce. It is necessary to mention that IFEU is a member of Chamber of Commerce’s board of representatives.

The details of registration are as below:

Number of Registration154
Date of Registration26/Jan/2002
National Number10320844271